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Our Company:

Africa is a land of adventure, wildlife and hospitality. Indeed, you are about to make a choice to visit one of the most diverse destinations in the World. We are committed to providing high quality service and developing beneficial relationships with our customers. We extend an unfailing level of care and comfort; of good accommodations, first class transport, top-notch driver/guides as companions and above all, the expertise as well as experience of people who know and understand Africa – her heritage and culture.

Our Hospitality:

Since we started it has been our privilege to share in the joy of guests who have arrived as clients but left as part of the ‘Extended Boundless Africa Journeys! Family’ and it has been a delight to extend our personal warmth and care to each of these guests, to share in any special occasion our guests might be celebrating such as a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a honeymoon or any festive occasion whilst they are on safari with us. And we are proud that these ‘new family members’ continue to share their memories with us as they had previously enjoyed with us.

Our Team:

We have established a strong foundation for our business based on mutual respect and appreciation for every member of our team, which has earned the company total dedication and devotion from all of its members. And this is evident from the enormous growth we are achieving. We are very particular about the quality of people that we employ. We carefully check applicant’s background, social compatibility, their knowledge and understanding of our principles. The result? A high level of quality appreciated by our guests.

Our Office:

Our office is located in Nairobi, Kenya – gateway to the most important tour circuits of Kenya and Tanzania – is directly under the daily supervision of Annette, so we can guarantee a virtually unmatched support system in the industry. This is most important, as should any questions concerns arise, we are available to personally assist our guests. And being locally based Annette enjoy extensive social and business connections thus ensuring that only the best in accommodation, sightseeing and above all her personal warmth and care is available to all our guests. Our operation’s guided by the strong belief that ‘the earth is held in trust for our children’ and all members of our team are encouraged to help protect the heritage of Africa.