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Our Company:
Africa is a land of adventure, wildlife and hospitality. Indeed, you are about to make a choice to visit one of the most diverse destinations in the World. We are committed to providing high quality service and developing beneficial relationships with our customers. We extend an unfailing level of care and comfort; of good accommodations, first class transport, top-notch driver/guides as companions and above all, the expertise as well as experience of people who know and understand
Africa – her heritage and culture. 

Our Team:
We have established a strong foundation for our business based on mutual respect and appreciation for every member of our team, which has earned the company total dedication and devotion from all of its members. And this is evident from the enormous growth we are achieving. We are very particular about the quality of people that we employ.

Our Office:
Our office is located in Nairobi, Kenya – gateway to the most important tour circuits of Kenya and Tanzania – is directly under the daily supervision of Annette Mwangi, so we can guarantee a virtually unmatched support system in the industry. This is most important, as should any questions concerns arise, we are available to personally assist our guests. And being locally based Annette enjoy extensive social and business connections thus ensuring that only the best in accommodation, sightseeing and above all her personal warmth and care is available to all our guests.

Our Transportation: 
All our vehicles are ‘modified and strengthened’ to withstand the road conditions of East Africa yet are luxuriously finished in our unique style – canvas seats with long distance VHF Radio for communication while on safari and cooler chest stocked with bottled water. The quality of the vehicle and it's ability to withstand the sometimes-rough terrain of East Africa cannot be over-emphasized, as you will spend most of your exhilarating and exiting days in these vehicles are thoroughly checked and carefully maintained to ensure a trouble -free safari. As an extra feature all our safari vehicles are equipped with a long range VHf Radio Communication System so we can maintain communication with our driver/guides be they in Serengeti, Masai Mara or anywhere in East Africa and similarly the driver/guides can maintain communication amongst themselves – a very valuable advantage during game drives particularly when looking for that all – important animal.

Unique Concept Safaris:
Our safaris take into consideration your prime reason to travel – to enjoy nature and wildlife of Africa, appreciate culture and traditions of her people and yet have a great deal of fun! To enhance this appreciation our safaris include visits to colorful market and local manyatta (homesteads) of different ethnic community. We know Africa and we want you to be a part of it not just a stranger passing through!

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